Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Subjects, Subjects, and More Subjects !!!

Hello dear!! We meet again.. Now I’m gonna tell you again about my subjects. As you already know, they are BEL 311, BMD 101, QMT 216, CTU 241, ECO 211, FIN 262, and HKR 113. Even though this is my second time talking about the same thing, my opinion about them will remain the same forever.

The first subject goes to FIN 262 which stands for Fundamentals of Finance. Our lecturer for this subject is Mdm. NorSaliza. I think the whole class do love her because she is so lovable!! Heheee… She loves to crack jokes and gives cute nicknames to all of us. I need to say again that this is quite a tough one and we have to do our very best. The assessments for this subject are: 10% for test 1, 10% for test 2, 10% for quizzes and 10% for assignment and 60% for final examination. For test 1, I got such bad results, so I need to struggle if I want to get A for this subject. This subject holds 4 credit hours, but I don’t very sure whether it is a good or bad thing.

The second subject is BEL 311 which stands for English for Academic Purposes. This is a compulsory subject for part 1 until part 3 students and it’s a pre-requisite subject. The assessments for this subject are: 30% for written assignment, 20% for speaking test, 10% for attendance and 40% for final examination. By the end of this semester, we have been together with the same lecturer for 2 semesters already. My first impression about my BEL 311 lecturer is that he is very firm, but if you have known him for quite a time, you will know about his real character. So, don’t ever judge a book by its cover ok? This subject holds 3 credit hours and can give big impact on our cgpa. BEL 311 is much more challenging compared to BEL 211 because we have term paper which holds lots of marks. During final, we also have to put our greatest effort so that we can pass this subject with flying colours.

The third subject is BMD 101 which stands for Mandarin Language. As I have told you before, it is a very interesting subject, especially for me who has never learnt it before. I am really happy and feel very enjoy in this class and to have Mr. Lim Yoon Chong as our lecturer. I think everyone has already known about his personality. He is a very kind and funny person and he always able to make his students laugh. In the past entry, I said that this subject is quite easy and it will happen naturally but I don’t think so anymore. I admit that we do not have to sit for the final examination, but we do have oral, listening, writing test and we also have to make a video which I think very complicated. Despite that, this subject is still my favourite as I love learning languages and literature. This subject only holds 2 credit hours and won’t affect our result that much.

The fourth subject is QMT 216 which stands for Introduction to Statistics. This subject holds 3 credit hours and it is conducted by PM Ruhana Zainudin. The assessments for this subject are: 10% for test 1, 10% for test 2, 10% for quizzes, 10% for assignment and 60% for the final examination. This is also one of the toughest subject for this semester, because we have too much assignment to be completed and that troubles me. Huh… I hope that I can get A for this subject because I’m really worn-out due to the assignment given which have succeed to make my life misery enough.

The fifth subject is ECO 211 which stands for Macroeconomics. Just like what I’ve said in the past entry, this subject is surely troublesome. The person in-charge for this subject is Miss Diyana bt Isahak which is also a new lecturer in Uitm Segamat. ECO 211 holds 3 credit hours which is also a pre-requisite subject and I’m really glad that next semester I won’t have to study about economy anymore. The assessments for this subject are: 10% for test 1, 10% for test2, 10% for quizzes, 10% for assignment and 60% for final examination. The more I try to understand about this subject, the more I don’t know. Sorry miss!! Hehe… Anyhow, I just hope that I can get A for this subject even though I know it is quite unreachable but “impossible is nothing” right??

The sixth subject is CTU 241 which stands for Fundamental for Islamic Economics is conducted by Miss Siti Aishah bt Sokhibul Fadil but we address her as Ustazah Siti. The assessments for this subject are: 15% for test, 15% for assignment, 10% for presentation and 60% for the final examination. This subject is not really hard, yet it’s not that easy so I still didn’t favour it much. This subject holds 2 credit hours, even though it doesn’t help much with the pointer but I really hope I can get flying colours for this subject.

Last but not least, it’s time for co curriculum. This is my last semester having co..yay!! My co-curriculum subject for this semester is HKR 113 which stands for Mosque Management. This subject is only worth 1 credit hour and will not affect our cgpa that much but still, I want to give my very best. For this subject, we have a tour to Taman Tamadun Islam, Terengganu which is also our assignment. I am so happy because we really gave our best and I gain a lot from this subject.

All I wanna say is I hope that I will get superb result in all subjects, get the DL awards and make my parents proud to have me as their child.

Monday, April 12, 2010

First day at Uitm Segamat!!

I am the last intake of the UiTM students for the year 2008 and today, I’m gonna tell you about my first day in UiTM Segamat. On 26th December 2008, my parents and I arrived here around 11 am. When we just got into the gate, we are warmly welcomed by the people and I got the paper with the word “MUTIARA” on it. I’ve no idea what does it means but I am so surprise when I arrived at a building named “MUTIARA”. “What a gorgeous name” I said to myself.

Then I was asked to register as the new student but unfortunately, I don’t have the document needed during the registration process and that screw up my first day here. I don’t have enough pictures, I haven’t fill in the form yet, I still don’t undergo the medical check-up, and much more things to do during that time. What a day…after that, I look for my room which was at M226 to re-pack my things and during the time, my roommate is already there. Anis Shahida was the first person I met here. We introduced ourselves and I’m lucky to have her as my roommate because she is a nice person to be friend with.

Afterwards, my parents and I went to Segamat town. Believe me, that’s my first time coming to Segamat, huh what a useless Johorian. A few tours at the town, we came back to UiTM and that’s the time for my parents to leave, and I’m glad that I don’t cry as it will hurt me more. After their leaving, I got some rest before the orientation started and a few minutes later, there is an announcement saying that we have to get down ASAP. For a moment I feel like that’s the end of my life because I really hate orientation, well who don’t?

I won’t tell you anything about my orientation week because I don’t have anything special to share with. It’s long and tiring week and something that I don’t even want to remember. Ok that’s all for this time. I’ll see you soon!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

10 things that i hate the most in this world..


I really hate when my boyfriend always busy with his “boy” things and forget to contact me at all. His obsession to football make me sick and I really envy with that little sphere thing. Sometimes, he prefer to watch football match rather than chat with me. I also hate when he hangs out with his friends. It is because, he would prefer to stay with his friends and ignoring me. However, he will always brighten my day with his unpredictable jokes. That’s why I really love him.


Smokers make me sick. I don’t ever wanted to stay with smokers and absolutely I’m not one of them. I don’t really understand why these guys addicted to smoke. Are these guys think that they look cool while smoking? Hell no!! They are such a loser that only think their own business. Does they care about others whom can get killed with their poisonous exhale breath?? I really hope my family will not affected by them.


I think a lot of people will agree with me to hate this kind of person. Hypocrite. They such a bunch of jerk that make fun of others by becoming a completely different person and manipulated them for their own benefit. If I’ve ever seen them in front of me, it will be an honour for me to punch them on their face. Hihihii


I hate when people try to force me to do something that I don’t ever want to do. Don’t they understand the meaning of “ I don’t want to”?? I’m me and I just do what I want to do. Please don’t ever try to force me to do something. There are many other ways to make me do those things. I prefer them to talk in an easy way rather than forcing method.


This is quite funny but believe me, there are others which are similar with me. I almost sacrifice my joyful journey because of this. This is the situation that I hate the most when I’m driving, that is driving with my mum sitting just right beside me. I don’t really mind if she just sit there and just do her own business. The main problem is when she always shout to me while I’m driving. All the things that I done always wrong. Whenever I ask her to drive, she will never ever said yes. Hehee.. By the way, I really love u mom except for this.


Lizards and insects.. Eeeuuww.. I hate these small little creatures so much. I hate those slimy creepy crawling creatures which annoy me whenever I saw them. These creatures will haunt us as they bite us and finally leave a hideous scar on our skin. And when they died,they'll leave their disgusting body and smell which attract lots of ants that will eat up their body.


Monthly, I as a girl, will come to a phase where I am emotionally distracted. This phase is called menstrual phase. This is something that i hate about myself monthly. I will feel uneasy and unsecure in everything I did. As a conclusion, I will feel as if everyday is a bad day for me during this period of time came.


As I wake up every morning,the first thing that will come to my mind is, "what should I wear today". Choosing the right and suitable attire is one of my problem because it will roughly represent myself. If I wrongly match my clothes, I would feel like people stares at me or maybe laughing their lungs out behind of my back.


I really anti and afraid of pimple. Sometimes, I can do extremely weird things when I have pimples in my face.I scream like a big things happen or bad things happen but then it just a pimple. Pimple is like an enemy for girls like me. Pimple pimple why don’t you be like a dimple. Its pretty lovely. But you pimple, you are just a red coloured thingy that grow in my face that makes people run away for me.


Last but not least for this list is bad hair day. Hair is like girls’ most important asset in our daily life. Having a great, fashionable, fabulous and easy-to-manage hair makes our life easier, as if everyday is a shining day for us. Whenever this bad hair day come, it makes me look like a fool with super low self confidence. What a long day will it be for me.

10 wishes of myself...


Since I was a kid, I have an illness and since my body didn’t have great antibody like others, so I always felt sick. In a month, I will at have a fever at least twice and that makes me can’t have a fun childhood times like the others and I really regret it. Other than that, I also have scoliosis which makes me easily tired if I walk for quite distance or do chores. So I really hope that I can lead a healthy life and be happy.


I’m just a normal girl; want to love and to be loved. Right now I have someone special and I really hope we can last forever. I intend to marry with him when I’m 26 years old and have 3 kids. I hope we can have a twin, a girl and a boy and the other one is a boy too. I wish we will be a great family.


My father is a businessman and I really think highly of him. I want to be just like my father after I have graduated my degree. He is just a small contractor and he always wants his child to be a business person like him. Furthermore since I’m the eldest in the family, I feel that I’m responsible to accomplish the task and make my father proud of me.


Well, maybe you’re thinking “why Dubai? Why not Europe or Korea or anywhere else? Why must Dubai??” this is due to my father’s membership of The Legend Hotel, which says that we can go holiday at their branch of Dubai 7-stars hotel but I think during that moment, maybe my parents are already gone or too old to go for holiday. So I hope I can get tonnes of money as fast as I can and bring them for a trip to Dubai.


I came from a moderate family and I always wonder what the feeling to be in a rich family is. I feel jealous when I see people drive a Mercedes or BMW and have such an enormous house. So I will do my very best in order to reach my goal to be a rich people. Ho ho ho…


Frankly speaking, I don’t know why Maldives..hahahhaa. Well, maybe I’m too childish for wanting those entire fancy honeymoons but it is my dream since I was small. I really want to have a good memory with my hubby at such a fabulous place and have a great honeymoon just like what I saw in the movies.


Since I already know that I’m not a good person, I truly wish that I can fix it. I want to be a daughter that my parents can be proud of, a sister that my siblings can depend on and a friend that my friends can rely on. To be a person that others can rely on is never an easy task, so I will do my finest to be like what I dreamt of.


As a girl, I’m really frustrated for not knowing how to cook. Although I said that I wish to be a successful businesswoman, that doesn’t mean I should forget my other dreams, which is to be a housewife. I want to cook delicious meal to my hubby and my kids, eat the meal and spend quality time together.

9. FAME!!

I want to be famous, not like being a celebrity or artists but I want people to recognize me as a successful person. My idol in this field is tan sri syed mokhtar al-bukhary and I hope to be as successful or even greater than him. It is also one of my wish to be the cover page for Forbes and sharing my success to others. Hehehehee….


I really wish to lead a joyful life in the world and get into the heaven after I died.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

D3D1-banking rock!!


Lily is a nice girl and she’s very quiet both inside and outside the class. She comes from Segamat, but she is staying in Uitm at Sector B. I don’t know her much but I know that she is an intelligent girl as she got DL every semester.


Her name is Syahirah and she’s very cute. In the class, she always keep quiet and didn’t talk much, so I didn’t get to become close with her but overall I know that she is such an attractive person and kind too. But I’m confused with her when she made a decision to change college into Sector B when she already placed into Sector A. Hmm…


As you already know, kechik is my roommate for this semester again. I’m happy to have her as my roommate again because we are so comfy together. Every morning both of us will wake up late and go to the class together with Zura. Poor Zura, she always has to wait for us every time. Hehee… At the room, we will watch movies and we always do things together and I really love her….


Cema!! That’s what Mon and I called her this semester. She is one of my best friend in Uitm. Isma is very nice when you have known her but sometimes she can be very fierce. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that she hates you, it’s just that she really loves to tease people. I really admire her about her love towards her boyfriend, and I hope that I can be like her one day. Hahaaa…


I don’t really know her that much as she is a newcomer in our class but all I can say about her is that, she is very polite and I love to see her smile. Even though she is a senior in the class, she is not arrogant at all and that make us want to be friend with her.


Erin is a good friend of Zura and they always go to the class together. I start to know her this semester because I’m getting closer with Zura. Erin is a pink lover too, just like me but if you don’t know her yet, maybe you will think she is arrogant because she is a silent girl and only speaks when needed.


Hello all!!! That’s me…my friends just call me Nabil and I’m happy to be in this class. I really hope this happiness will last forever dear.


Zura is my neighbour for this semester and that’s the reason why we always go to the class together. She maybe looks nice and quiet but don’t be fooled just by appearance okay? She is so talkative actually and very nice too. We always go back to our hometown together by bus and I really need her as I will never recognize what bus I have to take. Hahaaa…


I love Ezza’s name because for me, it’s really lovely and beautiful, but because her name is very long I just call her Ezza. She is very stylish and I always admired about her taste. This semester, I see that she always wear shawl to the class.


I just call her Dila and I think all of us already know what she is like. Dila is a soft-spoken, polite and good-looking girl. I don’t know her too much because she stays at Sector B. Actually, we went to the same school when we were child but my memory were not so good in memorizing people, so I can’t recognize her at first. Now, we are friends again and I feel happy to have such a nice friend like her in my life.


At first, I thought Aisha is a quiet girl but that’s not true at all. Instead, she is very sweet and talkative when you have known her. In the class, I always forgot and hard to differentiate between her and Dila. That’s because she is always beside Dila, it’s like” wherever is Dila, there is Aisha”


Jannah has her own nickname too, that is Jajan and we love to call her that. Jannah is a beautiful girl and she has a really gorgeous eye contour and colour too. Just like the others, Jannah is lovely and kind but sometimes she is so lumpy that it irritates me. Heheee…This semester, she is one of my group members for speaking team and economy too.


Eya is such a funny girl I’ve ever met here. When we start chatting, we will be like “makcik-makcik” at the village gossiping about the people we met. Lately, we address ourselves as “mama” and “anak”. I’m the “mama” and she is the “anak” and we will laugh together. During the mandarin class, I sit beside her and we will practise speaking Chinese together. I am so happy when she is with us.


I’m sure all of you have already known what Mies is like. She is so polite and nice and I feel very calm when I’m beside her. Furthermore, she also has the motherhood behaviour and she can cook very well too. She always asks me to check for her essay before post it into her blog even though I always said that I’m no good at all with English. But its okay because I can read her work before anybody else did. Heheee…

Mon is a quiet person if you don’t know her, but when you start talking with her it won’t stop until forever. Hahaaa….Mon is also one of my best friend in Uitm. For me, she is such a nice friend and as one, you will love her for sure. She always lends her shoulder to me whenever I got problem. And now, she’s really in a big trouble but as a friend, I can’t do anything to comfort her and that makes me feel really guilty. She is very cute and chubby too and that make us always find ways to pinch any part of her body. Heheee….


We call her ‘kak’ due to our age difference as she is older than us by 2 years. Even she is older, she never feels ‘big’ or ‘great’, instead she is just like us. Kak Azi is very cute and a happy-go-lucky girl. We always laugh together and I’m happy to have a friend like her.


Ish…that’s what I called her since last semester. Hehee…this name is given to her by Mr. Bazri which is our last semester economy lecturer. Diana is one smart girl and she has the confidence in herself. All I can see is that she is close with aten and the gang. Moreover, she is also a happy-go-lucky and it’s fun to be a friend of her.


Dayah is really cute and funny girl. Eventhough I’m not that close with her, we still happy together because she always able to make me laugh. I call her “isma’s twin” because both of them have ‘baju kurung’ that is exactly the same.


Aten is a pleasant girl too. She is very nice and she always helps me when I ask her questions. Starting this semester, she’s wearing contact lenses and she looks really cute without the glasses. She is also one of the students in our class who got DL for every semester.


Kak Ram….we called her that. Heheee sorry miza…Ramiza is our class rep for BEL since last semester and this semester too. She is one gorgeous girl and I think that she is a mixed. Other than that, I really admire her for being able to maintain her pointer and got DL for every semester just like the others. At first I thought that she is a ‘skema’ person but eventually when I start knowing her, she’s so not it.


Huda for me is such a lovely girl. Even though she rarely speaks and only speaks when needed, she always smiles with us. At first, I thought that she is an arrogant person but if you have been a friend of her, you won’t say that. Huda is also very nice and she will always wear ‘baju kurung’ to the class.


From the first time I heard her name being called, I have always attracted to it until now. Her name is very unique and special when there is the word EL in front of the name LENA. Just like Diana and Zatiey, Leena is also one of Aten’s good friends in the class and they always seen together. This semester, Leena bring a car to Uitm and they always go to DSP by car. How lucky they are!!! I wish I have my own car too…


Frankly speaking, I don’t know zatiey too well, but since we have been in the same class for 2 semesters already, I can see that she is an easy-going person. She is also an attractive girl from the way she acts. 1 fact about her that I just know it recently is that she is really rock!! Heheee…Other than that zatiey is also a good friend of Aten, Diana and El-lena.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love Is In The Air...

Hi all, we meet again after the Chinese New Year break. This year, the festive theme is “Love Is in the Air”. Do you know the reason why I said that? This is because this year, Chinese New Year is falling on 14th February which is also the Valentine’s Day!!! Heheee…Today, I’m gonna share with all of you what do I think when we say that word, VALENTINE…

For me, Valentine is not for couples only. Am I right pals? Here I wanna tell you something about my ‘girl-life’ with my girlfriends. My friends and I have been exchanging presents during the Valentine’s Day since we started our friendship 2 years ago until now. For this Valentine, I got a really huge, cute teddy bear and chocolates from them and in exchange, I got them a necklace that I make it myself. Maybe it seems like other norms that human always do, but for us that is one of the evidence of our friendship…and I really hope that our happy days will lasts forever.

Other than that, I also wanted to tell all of you about my miserable, chaotic, disastrous Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. On the day 14th, we planned to go for a date to celebrate the Valentine’s Day, but I don’t know since when is my date with him become a double date, “but it’s still okay” I comforted myself. Then the 4 of us went to the cinema and hoping for the Valentine’s Day movie, and we were so unlucky that all the tickets have been sold out for the day, and we have to choose another movie. Can you guess what movie we are watching that day? You won’t believe it for sure. It’s “Little Big Soldier”!!! Arghh, out of so many movies there, why do I have to watch an action one, and what’s more, it’s a Jackie Chan movie. Yup, we were so ‘happy’ that moment. Haha…After the movie, we were looking for something to eat and again, ‘luckily’ for us, almost all the restaurants are full and so we choose not to eat outside. Huh what a pity…During the way back, I can feel the tense atmosphere inside the car and all the ‘lovey-dovey’ mood has gone. But I don’t know why do I feel grateful for no reason.

Okay, that’s all I wanna say about Valentine. I hope all of you have a great Valentine’s Day and celebrate it well. I’ll see you soon!! Bye2….

Monday, February 8, 2010

Something about love maybe...?

Love? What the hell is love? How much do you think you know about love? Well, frankly speaking I’m not a master about love. Based on my research, I found out what love means and my favourite description of love is from the movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin:

"Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, and it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two."
-St. Augustine

Human beings are forever surrounded by love. Our presence today is also due to the power of love, so be thankful to love and don’t ever try to think of denying it. Love itself is very wide and it has different perspective based on different person. For example, my love is first dedicated to my parents, then to my siblings, family, friends, and last but not least, I spare my heart for someone special to me. Maybe this may sounds weird or crazy, but my family means everything to me and I would do anything for them, and sometimes I even think that I would die for them. That’s the power of love in me but I know there’s a lot more outside there willing to do anything for love. And we know this is all because of the power of love towards human’s life.

“Love is swift, sincere, pious, joyful, generous, strong, patient, faithful, prudent, long-suffering, courageous, and never seeking its own; for wheresoever a person seeketh his own, there he falleth from love.”
Thomas p Kempis
1379-1471, German Monk, Mystic, Religious Writer

Can you imagine a world without love? Haha….listen to me. Don’t ever try thinking of it okay? You never know…