Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Subjects, Subjects, and More Subjects !!!

Hello dear!! We meet again.. Now I’m gonna tell you again about my subjects. As you already know, they are BEL 311, BMD 101, QMT 216, CTU 241, ECO 211, FIN 262, and HKR 113. Even though this is my second time talking about the same thing, my opinion about them will remain the same forever.

The first subject goes to FIN 262 which stands for Fundamentals of Finance. Our lecturer for this subject is Mdm. NorSaliza. I think the whole class do love her because she is so lovable!! Heheee… She loves to crack jokes and gives cute nicknames to all of us. I need to say again that this is quite a tough one and we have to do our very best. The assessments for this subject are: 10% for test 1, 10% for test 2, 10% for quizzes and 10% for assignment and 60% for final examination. For test 1, I got such bad results, so I need to struggle if I want to get A for this subject. This subject holds 4 credit hours, but I don’t very sure whether it is a good or bad thing.

The second subject is BEL 311 which stands for English for Academic Purposes. This is a compulsory subject for part 1 until part 3 students and it’s a pre-requisite subject. The assessments for this subject are: 30% for written assignment, 20% for speaking test, 10% for attendance and 40% for final examination. By the end of this semester, we have been together with the same lecturer for 2 semesters already. My first impression about my BEL 311 lecturer is that he is very firm, but if you have known him for quite a time, you will know about his real character. So, don’t ever judge a book by its cover ok? This subject holds 3 credit hours and can give big impact on our cgpa. BEL 311 is much more challenging compared to BEL 211 because we have term paper which holds lots of marks. During final, we also have to put our greatest effort so that we can pass this subject with flying colours.

The third subject is BMD 101 which stands for Mandarin Language. As I have told you before, it is a very interesting subject, especially for me who has never learnt it before. I am really happy and feel very enjoy in this class and to have Mr. Lim Yoon Chong as our lecturer. I think everyone has already known about his personality. He is a very kind and funny person and he always able to make his students laugh. In the past entry, I said that this subject is quite easy and it will happen naturally but I don’t think so anymore. I admit that we do not have to sit for the final examination, but we do have oral, listening, writing test and we also have to make a video which I think very complicated. Despite that, this subject is still my favourite as I love learning languages and literature. This subject only holds 2 credit hours and won’t affect our result that much.

The fourth subject is QMT 216 which stands for Introduction to Statistics. This subject holds 3 credit hours and it is conducted by PM Ruhana Zainudin. The assessments for this subject are: 10% for test 1, 10% for test 2, 10% for quizzes, 10% for assignment and 60% for the final examination. This is also one of the toughest subject for this semester, because we have too much assignment to be completed and that troubles me. Huh… I hope that I can get A for this subject because I’m really worn-out due to the assignment given which have succeed to make my life misery enough.

The fifth subject is ECO 211 which stands for Macroeconomics. Just like what I’ve said in the past entry, this subject is surely troublesome. The person in-charge for this subject is Miss Diyana bt Isahak which is also a new lecturer in Uitm Segamat. ECO 211 holds 3 credit hours which is also a pre-requisite subject and I’m really glad that next semester I won’t have to study about economy anymore. The assessments for this subject are: 10% for test 1, 10% for test2, 10% for quizzes, 10% for assignment and 60% for final examination. The more I try to understand about this subject, the more I don’t know. Sorry miss!! Hehe… Anyhow, I just hope that I can get A for this subject even though I know it is quite unreachable but “impossible is nothing” right??

The sixth subject is CTU 241 which stands for Fundamental for Islamic Economics is conducted by Miss Siti Aishah bt Sokhibul Fadil but we address her as Ustazah Siti. The assessments for this subject are: 15% for test, 15% for assignment, 10% for presentation and 60% for the final examination. This subject is not really hard, yet it’s not that easy so I still didn’t favour it much. This subject holds 2 credit hours, even though it doesn’t help much with the pointer but I really hope I can get flying colours for this subject.

Last but not least, it’s time for co curriculum. This is my last semester having co..yay!! My co-curriculum subject for this semester is HKR 113 which stands for Mosque Management. This subject is only worth 1 credit hour and will not affect our cgpa that much but still, I want to give my very best. For this subject, we have a tour to Taman Tamadun Islam, Terengganu which is also our assignment. I am so happy because we really gave our best and I gain a lot from this subject.

All I wanna say is I hope that I will get superb result in all subjects, get the DL awards and make my parents proud to have me as their child.

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